About Me

Hi There! I’m Lynn and I'm getting Las Vegas Ladies Lacquered Up at Lacquered Up Nail Lounge inside The Salon District. Whew! Say that five times fast!

I’m a Midwestern Girl living in Las Vegas since 2003. I used to say “Pop” but now I say “Soda” to avoid the funny looks. I like my pizza cut in squares and I like my hot dogs with ketchup only which gets me funny looks from my friends back home. 

I'm a proud Fur Mama to a sweet rescue pup named Izzy who is living her best life dog life. 

My hobbies include, networking with other Nail Techs, watching Youtube videos about nails and shopping for sparkly nail supplies.

My passion for the nail industry started over 25 years ago and I love what I do. Most of all,  I love the relationships I have built through my business and all the fun I’ve had.  It’s those relationships that are the heart and soul of why I love this industry so much.